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Expert Tree Services You Can Trust

Zamora Tree Services understands the unsightly dangers posed by dead, dying, or dangerous trees. Overgrown branches, heavy leaning limbs, and splitting wood can all cause tremendous damage if left to fall. We offer a better way. Whether you need simple pruning to keep trees away from your structures or emergency tree service after a storm, our company gives you the options you need to stay safe and keep your landscape looking its best. Zamora Tree Services will work closely with you to ensure every aspect of your project is personalized then keep you informed throughout. We target only the branches, trees, and stumps you want gone and deliver the fast, friendly, local service you want to put your mind at ease.


Professional Tree Services Right Next Door

As premier local tree professionals, Zamora Tree Services offers a broad range of exceptional options to enhance your exterior, save you more, and help sustain safe, healthy, and beautiful trees. These services include:

Tree Removal

When a tree cannot be saved even by extensive trimming, Zamora Tree Services has the solutions. We are fully licensed, insured, and equipped to take down the largest trees and chip them for you onsite. Our specialists can remove any tree without damaging your property and give you peace of mind knowing safety and efficiency are paramount.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming promotes and preserves long-term tree health by removing dead, diseased, or decaying branches or wood. Our trained technicians have a keen eye for detail when it comes to the overall condition of your trees and can make helpful recommendations about pruning to help them thrive. We examine all your trees from top to bottom, incorporate your specific instructions and needs, and expertly shape them to ensure longevity and exceptional health.

Debris Removal

After a disaster, renovation, or repair project, leftover debris can make your property look cluttered and unsightly Zamora Tree Services can help you make your residential or commercial property pristine again with debris clearing services that do more. Our skilled team of trained techs will come to your site and clear everything away, quickly and efficiently, with our own vehicles, equipment, and receptacles, and make it like the mess never happened.

Emergency Tree Service

When a tree falls unexpectedly, and you’re certainly around to hear it, the damage can be devastating. However, the clean-up and disposal of your fallen tree don’t have to sit squarely on you. Our company can be onsite, when and where you need us, to provide 24/7 emergency tree removal to keep you and your guests safe.

Commercial Tree Services

Our commercial tree services help you protect your investment, retain long-term tenants, and attract more customers than ever before. When you utilize our tree trimming, tree removal, and stump removal services, you can create a pristine property for your business that looks better, promotes safety for your guests and employees, and allows for healthy growth and development over time. Zamora Tree Services is here for all local commercial property owners with scheduled and emergency commercial tree services that do more.

Stump Grinding

Don’t live with an unsightly stump implanted on your property. Let Zamora Tree Services remove it down to the roots. With our stump grinding and removal services, you can take your soil back and prepare to plant anew however you want. Our specialists use the industry’s most trusted equipment and methods to remove all traces of your stubborn stump, quickly and efficiently, and give your landscape new purpose and life.

Crane Services

When you want a fast, safe solution for your next lifting and hauling project, Zamora Tree Services offers the professional crane services you need. We help homeowners, contractors, and commercial builders elevate their materials and trees with ease, using today’s top industrial-grade equipment to get the job done. Whether you need regularly scheduled or emergency service, you can count on our cranes to be there when it counts.

Don’t Let Downed Trees and Intrusive Stumps Keep You From Enjoying Your Yard

When you need superior tree services to achieve the look you want for your property, contact the experts at Zamora Tree Services. We have the time, tools, knowledge, and experience to deliver the top-tier service you deserve. Contact us today for your personalized estimate.

Trust Zamora Tree Service for Expert Assistance